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#NetFest 2016 Saturday night party

Swap your runners for heels and bibs for costumes at the #NetFest Saturday night party! Held at Central Lounge Bar & Dining from 8pm, end your NetFest Read more

#NetFest 2016 Merchandise

You can’t leave NetFest without a memento! Whether it’s a t-shirt, singlet, socks or a teddy, the guys at Coast2Coast have you covered (pun intended). Read more

NetFest Launch – registration and celebrity beach match

NetFest kicks off on Thursday, October 6 starting with registrations open followed by plenty of activities along the Surfers Paradise beach forefront Read more

2016 Venue Confirmation

With only seven weeks to go until the action of NetFest kicks off for another year, we wanted to provide you with some important updates. In 2016, the Read more

Early bird registrations closing

With only one day remaining to secure early bird registration fees, make sure you have signed up for NetFest 2016! All you need is one person to sign Read more

2016 Ambassadors on board... are you?

We are excited to announce that joining us on the Gold Coast this year will be Liz Ellis, Sharelle McMahon and Catherine Cox! Cath Cox can't wait to be Read more



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